Monday, September 20, 2010

Another Day, Another Observation or Two

First off, I pretty much adore law school in the US. I still feel stupid when I open my mouth from time to time, but in general, I'm a LOT more willing to jump into the fray. I don't feel like I'm pond scum for attempting to enter the diaologue. My professors actually know who I am! I'm totally engaged by the material... Now, to some extent, that is helped along by my professors, but it isn't hurt by the guests we have to speak.... Tonight's case in point? In Financing and Distributing Independent Film....Clark Peterson. Hollywood Producer - check him out:


He's produced films in Canada. So I asked him the $10,000 question. Do you use lawyers in Canada when you produce a film in Canada or do you use your lawyers here in LA?
Yes, Virginia. There is a Santa Claus.
They use Canadian lawyers - because it's Canadian law.... I didn't tell him I was Canadian... I'm undercover after all.... They do use the big firms from time to time (damn it!) but more often the production companies have in house legal staff (We have a BINGO!)....

Next week? Patricia Barry who argued the first ever Sexual Harrassment case.... That's in Women and Law - for which I am writing a paper on Pornography - comparing the American and Canadian responses... This is morphing a bit, however. I'm really fascinated by the ramifications of how women are presented in the media - the hermeneutics of it and also the potential for actual harm to women. Surely, this in itself should be some form of pornography??? But what about women who take control of pornography and wield its power for their own benefit and pleasure? What about slash writers, for instance? Is that pornography? So much still to think about on this topic.... I'll be coming back to it, I know as the research progresses and my thoughts come together.

And now, for my not so postitive observations...
First, I will say that Santa Monica is the cleanest city (Is it a city in its own right? I'm still not clear on that) I think I've ever been in. It must be why so many homeless people live here. So far they have all been very polite - and I still feel so badly for all of them. But they sweep the sidewalks here! There was a fellow DUSTING the street meters - on a Saturday at 6pm!!!
However, I miss Canada for a number of reasons... and here they are...
Fresh fruits and vegetables!!! Maybe I just haven't found the best shops yet, but the produce here is abyssmal!!!!
Internet and cell connection and skype -- all generally suck. I was bitchy about it at home -- and I think the number of times I was dropped in one day here is equal to the total for all of last year at home - jeesh!
Safety. I really don't feel safe here. Maybe it's being a stranger in a strange land - but I grew up in Toronto, so it's not the "big city".  In two separate incidents in the last month, people have been attacked just outside the law school. There really are areas you don't want to be in. There are way more police. Maybe I'm just getting old... but I don't think that's it.

Well. Not a very coherent post... but it's now almost midnight and I haven't had dinner yet. AND I have an assignment to tackle. Tomorrow's adventure? First cocktail party in LA....
*Note to self... remember to buy pantyhose and agonize more over what to wear...
And here's what I got in the mail today.... (plus FINALLY!!!! 3 letters - that had been re-mailed after coming to Santa Monica and being sent home and finally making it back....)

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