Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Some Days You Can Do No Wrong

So, today was one of those days when all things in my universe seemed to simply converge.

And a little wonderful.

I'm currently working on a paper examining the intersection of Women, Pornography and the Law. It's just in the throw around questions stages, but I'm fascinated by the many different facets of the topic. Is pornography in and of itself a bad thing? Or is it like a gun. Something that can be used for good or ill. Maybe the gun analogy actually attributes too much negativity. What about the interplay of obscenity, pornography and erotica? Is making women feel bad about pornography simply another way to disempower and de-sexualize them? Why can't I like porn? It doesn't mean that I simply endorse debasing women or men or animals or children for that matter. Like I said, so much to think about... I'm not trying to downplay pornography's negative effects or the harm it has done to people, but I do firmly believe that women can play a significant role in taking power back in this area....

So, obviously, I've been thinking a lot about this topic. And I'm thoroughly enjoying the atmosphere at Southwestern where this is possible and actively encouraged. Judges use cases and statutes to formulate their judgments but they also look to experts in the field - both legal and academic. They look to public opinion and many other sources too. So it's puzzled me that up until now, law school didn't really encourage this wide range of critical thought. I'm enjoying bringing all guns to bear!

That said, back to today's instructive lesson... For Trademark, we are following our professor on Twitter - where he posts timely announcements for class. I was curious as to whom he might be following. I already follow a few legal types - such as Michael Geist - and I grabbed a few from my Trademark prof's list, including Rebecca Tushnet - whose work I have long admired. I will be adding her blog to those I follow.... and her twitter lead me to her post for today which was about the Right of Publicity which just happens to be what we were covering today in Mass Media Law!!!

Now... I have other reasons to really, really like Rebecca Tushnet. For one thing, she is an admitted Supernatural aficionado (well, in her own words she says she has a "love/hate relationship" with the show) - and if you know me, you know that is my passion.

But just to round out my day, I found this link to a little cartoon on her blog page.... and it brought me full circle.

And finally, the externship which I am coveting for next semester? The offices are SIX minutes from where I am living... Shouldn't THAT mean something?

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